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The XMC™ Library for MathWorks® Embedded Coder® for MATLAB® and Simulink® provides support for code generation of all XMC™ microcontroller to enable an easy model-based design flow, for any type of applications.
It enables the automatic code generation of your software algorithm optimized for XMC™ Microcontrollers.

  • Supported devices: XMC45/44/42/4100 and XMC13/12/1100
  • Supported peripherals: CCU4, CCU8, POSIF, BCCU, VADC, GPIOs, HW Interrupt, Systick Timer
  • Additional features: CORDIC/DIV, resource naming, multiple interrupt support
  • Additional example projects
  • XMC™ Lib v2.1.4 support


Download XMC™ Library for MathWorks® Embedded Coder® here:

For more information:
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