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cross mob
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Level 3

for our next project I want to have an external RAM connected to our XMC 4700.
But I ran into the problem that P0.7 is being used for JTAG TDI AND AD[6]...
Even in the BGA package.
I have an ULINK PRO with ETM support.

Because it's AD[6], even using just a 8 bit interface is no workaround. If it would be AD[31] it would
not create a problem with a 8 or 16 bit interface.

How can one use the JTAG if the external bus interface is being used, too?
I assume that even when ETM is being used, JTAG is needed, too. Correct?

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Level 1
We had the same problem on our XMC4500 and used SWD Interface instead of the JTAG Interface, so AD6 was available.
We also have a ULINK PRO
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Level 2
Sorry that I start a question on this Post after two year, but I currently I make a Port Pin List for a XMC4500
and the I use also a 16 bit bus on the EBU.

But if I understand correctly, if use SWD Interface I Need P2.1 and bei an SDRAM Interface Support of the EBU
P2.1 is used as an address line

Therefore the question If I use the EBU Interface for an 16 Bit multiplexed device and an SDRAM how can I use
the debug Interface?

Thanks for your help