Video: μC/Probe™ XMC™ – Peek inside XMC™ microcontroller

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μC/Probe™ XMC™ – Peek inside XMC™ microcontroller

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Visualize, observe, and control the internal of XMC™ MCUs in a powerful and seamless way. Simply build your own user interface.
Drag and drop visually appealing indicators and controls. Easy connect with your target by choosing one of the available communication interfaces and methods – non-intrusive, hot-plug – to peek inside XMC™ during run-time.

μC/Probe™ for XMC™ MCUs a free-of-charge tool enabling prototyping, debugging, trouble-shooting, fine-tuning and showcasing of your application in a professional way.

µC/Probe™ XMC™ software download

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