VADC slave master problems

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I am playing with 06_VADC_Synchronous_Conversions_Queue_Source example code, and I changed it a little bit.
Now it converts only G0_1 and G1_1 using master and slave configuration. I also changed XMC_CCU8_SLICE_SR_ID_2 to be raised when PERIOD_MATCH occurs.
The strange thing is that if I don't call XMC_CCU8_SLICE_SetTimerCompareMatch then only conversion on master VADC kernel occurs. The result register in slave kernel is 0.
If I do call XMC_CCU8_SLICE_SetTimerCompareMatch, then kernels do synchronous conversion and slave result register is not 0. It seems very strange to me, because changing compare value should not have influence on PERIOD_MATCH and for sure not on VADC behaviour.
I am playing with this example because I have big problems with VADC on my bigger project, where similar, unexplainable to me, things happen.

I attach modified code (see line 110)

Please help me to understand that
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