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i want to use the 32-bit USB Serial Number located in the BMI-String (XMC4500-1024 UCB2 area).
I've used the FLASH002-App offered by DAVE.
The only available boot mode for my application is Normal Boot (booting from internal FLASH).

After configuring the UCB with Flash002_EraseUCB(2) and Flash002_ConfigureBMI(...) their is only the USB-SN-Valid bit set (BMI-Word) in DRAM copy after RESET but the USB serial number was not transferred.

Normally the complete BMI-String is expected at DRAM address 0x20000090 (see XMC4500 reference manual).

Is it possible to use the BMI-String data for "Normal Boot" mode?
Why does it not work during normal boot?
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