USBVC001 Problem with Windows 10

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i have following problem.
In my project i use the USBVC001 Dave3 App and i am programming the XMC RelaxKit.
The micro controller is flashed and i have a terminal Programm where i can communicate with the XMC.

When i plug in only the micro usb next to the network connector, i don't get a com device in my device list or the terminal program.
When i first plug in the debugger with a separate usb cable to get power on the board and after that i plug in the usb cable for communication,
everything works fine.

I hope anybody has a solution.. maybe it is a problem with the drivers.
Plugging in an a Windows 7 PC it works the way it should.

Best regards

Maxi Seibold

[EDIT:] Solution : Plugging in very slow, fixes the problem. But this is not a very good solution.
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Hello, sorry i cannot help you directly, but my question is did you tried Dave4.x.x inclduing apps update?
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a) Did you install the USB Driver on the PC (Windows 10)?
b) Press the RESET Button ...