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Hi, I'm Martino.

I tried the example of Dave 3.1.10 USBBL001 Example, because i want to indroduce an usb flash memory into my project but this example never enter on Host_Configured.

Can Some one help me?
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I'm trying to see in the other post, and I tried this solution:

Delay Time first to enumerate but nothing change.

Sometimes the usb run and I can see the folders into usb stick, but It isn't meccanichal.

I found a stupid solution with debug: if I break into "USB_Host_SendControlRequest(void* const BufferPtr)" after "while(USBCORE001_HostURBFlag == 0);" line It seem run.
This " Solution" run only usb stick with 1gb of memory, but not with tdk 8gb.

Thanks for helping.