USB Bootloader IAP example application will not be recognized by Windows 10

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The Infineon example application USBD_MS_BOOTLOADER_IAP_XMC47 does not work in combination with Windows 10. (I tried 2 Win 10 PC’s, none of these works)
The problem is that the USB device will not be recognized when the XMC4800 Relax Kit is connected to a Windows 10 PC. (In Windows 7 it works fine)
See for detailed information attached error messages. (translations: ‘Unknown USB-device (encountering by device has failed.)’ and ‘USB-device is not recognized. The last to the computer connected USB-device has caused a malfunction. Windows does not recognize this device anymore.’)
I used the original example DeviceDescriptor,.VendorID = 0x058B, .ProductID = 0x0060

Please can anybody tell me what is needed to be done to make this example code Windows10 compatible?

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