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I work with Dave 4 and try to detect that the UART receive one byte. I switched the RX-FIFO off. I got the byte read only when a second byte has been received.
It's always a delay of one received byte.

My code is:

if (XMC_USIC_CH_GetReceiveBufferStatus(XMC_UART1_CH1) > 0)
UART_Receive(&UART_0, (uint8_t *) & read_data, 1);

How to code that if one byte arrived that I could read it immediatly? Maybe based on an interrupt? I need to avoid to poll again and again.

Kind regards
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I had to code

if (XMC_USIC_CH_GetReceiveBufferStatus(XMC_UART1_CH1) > 0)

It's working now.