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I am new to XMC1400 development tools. We are evaluating the FOC control libraries, specifically using Torque Control to implement an ebike drivetrain solution.
We are currently working with the PMSM-LV-15W Motorcontrol Application Kit for a proof-of-concept study.

So far we have successfully run the motor under speed control but when using a torque control scheme, the motor does not run.
The demo apps we are using are:

- PMSM Motor Control FOC Sensorless Example with uC Probe for XMC1300 series (but changing the user config header for torque control)
- The Demo app imported from DAVE repos (selecting Torque control on the app configurator before generating the code)

A few questions come to my head:

- Should the torque control feature work at all or is still under development? Infineon advertises the torque control as a feature of the FOC library, but there are no out-of-the-box demos for it, which makes me suspicious.
- Should the torque control app work out-of-the box like the speed control demo app or is there any required configuration I am missing?
- In general any feedback/comment/help about the FOC library under torque control would be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance and all the best.
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Finally, we got the motor running under a torque control scheme. What we used for the succesfull run was the demo within the DAVE repo, but it was required to change the Iq set at the control settings, from 0.001 to 0.1.
Then the motor seems to spin according to a torque control. What we do not fully understand is why the motor slows down from time to time in a periodic fashion. Please check the video attached.

What could be the reason for this? (wrong PI settings?)
And how could it be done to make the motor run at a stable maximum speed? According to my experience, this should be the normal case.

Some other question I have:

- I could play with a demo at the Embedded World Infineon booth which had a very complete GUI over uProbe. Are these demos available somewhere? I found them very useful to track motor parameters.
- Is it planned to offer the possibility to use Hall sensors with the FOC library, or did anybody try an implementation of it?

Thanks and best.
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I managed to run the motor smoothly by limiting the PI controller output under 100%.
Still some problems to clear out until achieving our proof-of-concept but I will mark this thread as solved and create a new one for better clarity.