SPI and multiple GPDMA channels in use

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On the XMC4500 I set up USIC1_0 as SPI master and USIC1_1 as SPI slave,
for the SPI master GPDMA0_0 channel is used for Tx data, for the SPI slave GPDMA0_1 channel is used for Rx data.
All work fine as long as the Tx data of SPI master and Rx data of SPI slave runs successively,
but if both starts "quite" simultanously, the SPI slave with GPDMA0_1 doesn´t run proper, Clk and MOSI lines look fine on oscilloscope.
At the first view it seems there is priority problem in setting of GPDMA0_0 for Tx and GPDMA0_1 for Rx.
But after setting up of GPDMA0_1 for Rx with a higher priority than GPDMA0_0 for Tx, it still doesn´t run proper.
Burst length of 1 word is used for both DMA transfers without any FIFO.

@Infineon experts for GPDMA:
I would be appreciated for any hints/tip I could try out. Many thanks in advance.
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