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I use the Hexagon Application Kit XMC4500 and i want to read from ISOFACE IN, and write the data to ISOFACE OUT. (with SPI)

Now i need the pins to read from ISOFACE IN (I found the tables on Page 2557 but I am not able to get the right pins)

Can anyone help me?
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This is the connection for ISOFACE with XMC application kit.

Step 1: Connecting the extension board
1. Connect 1 piece of extension board to the COM edge connector of the CPU board.
2. Connect 1 piece of extension board to the ACT edge connector of the CPU board.
3. Connect 1 piece of extension board to the ACT edge connector of the AUT_ISO satellite card.
4. Power the AUT_ISO satellite card using external power supply.

Step 2: Inter connect wires between the extension boards
1. CPU card @ COM edge to AUT_ISO card @ ACT edge connector
Pin no. 4 (MTSR/MTSR0HW) >> Pin no. 32 (SPI_MTSR)
Pin no. 6 (MRST/MTSR1HW) >> Pin no. 34 (SPI_MRST)
Pin no. 3 (Clock out) >> Pin no. 36 (SPI_SCLK)

2. CPU card @ ACT edge to AUT_ISO card @ ACT edge connector
Pin no. 15 (ChipSelect Job 2) >> Pin no. 31 (CSA0)
Pin no. 80 (GND) >> Pin no. 80 (GND)
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I cant choose the pins from Step 2...

I only want to read the ISOFACE IN and send this data to the ISOFACE OUT.
(i am able to write data to ISOFACE OUT, but i am not able to read data from ISOFACE IN)

Can anyone help me with this, or has anyone the code and the pins?
it is really urgent, i have not much time to solve that problem 😞
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Hi suggi87,

Is this pin taken up by your previous application?

If not you should be able to select it as shown below.


Please also see attached example.
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Hi Travis,

If i use your pins or the SPI002_Example1 nothing happens at my application kit.

Now i make a picture...


I have the right pins to write into the Output. I only need to read the input thats all... in this case the input would be 0x10

I write into the Output like that:

SPI001_WriteData(&SPI001_Handle0, &data, SPI001_STANDARD_FULLDUPLEX);
SPI001_ReadData(&SPI001_Handle0, &data);

1. How can i read from Input or Output with code?
2. How many apps do i need for that case? (And which apps? SPI001 to write into output and ??? to read input)
3. Which pins do i need to get access to the ISOFACE IN / read Input

I think it is nothing special, but i cant do it myself, i am new at dave 3...

Please help me:(


That should be the right pins.


I use MRST 2.5, MTSR 3.13, CLK 3.0 and Chip Select 3.11 to wirte into the output and that works. Now i changed the Chip select to 3.8 but nothing happens at the input


i found that in the manual... is it impossible to programm with the isoface in, because it is not connected to anything else? (independent)


sorry for this long post, but i need a solution as fast as possible.

Greetings suggi87
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Has nobody an idea? Or a Project like that?
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Hi suggi87,

I did not try on the ISOFACE setup yet but as a general guide, you need to send dummy byte (or bytes depending how much data to receive) to the slave device in order to read.
This is because Master will be the one providing the clock to the slave to shift out the data.
Did you send any dummy byte to read data?

Usually the Master will send a command to the Slave to request for data.
Then, the slave will prepare the data and wait for the Master clock.
Then Master sends dummy bytes (i.e. 0x00) in order to generate clock for the Slave.
Slave receive clock and shift out the data.
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we had created this example for ISO FACE In and Out. Hope this is useful to you.

Hexagonal Boards Required:
XMC4500-AB Step CPU_45A_V2

1. Connect the ISOFACE board(AUT_ISO-V1) to the XMC4500 CPU board through ACT connector.
2. Connect 24V DC power to the ISOFACE board.

Download and run the demo in the uC.

Whenever an LED on the ISOFACE IN glows, LED on the ISOFACE OUT also glows.

Signal Pin Name
Chipselect P3.11 (CS pin for ISOFACE OUT slave)
Chipselect P3.8 (CS pin for ISOFACE IN slave)
Clock OUT P3.0(clock pin)
MTSR P3.13(data pin)
MRST P2.5(data pin)

Best regards
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In the example above the clock phase and polarity is changed when executing a spi write command or a read command. I guess this is done because of the strange behaviour of the isoface in unit. The isoface in chip does not behave like a standard SPI device. The chip starts already transmitting the sampled data when the CS signal is activated (high->low). Therefore the clock phase has to be adapted to sample the write bit stream in the master. Why do you use this SPI chip instead of a standard working SPI device? Are there any advantages?