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Hi to all,

i'm quite a noob in the XMC4xxx world and i'm developing an application on a previously developed hardware platform based on XMC4500F100 where, sadly, the only external access is a 2 wires RS485 port connected to P3.5(RxD) and P4.0(TxD) by mean of an RS485 half duplex transceiver with direction managed with an additional digital I/O port.

I was asked to implement a field firmware update function with above mentioned RS485 interface but being half duplex with wrong UART pin choice (NOT P1.4 and P1.5) i'm of course not able to use the "native" ASC BSL feature.

I am already submerged by many other project problems and this thing sounds to be a potential nightmare ...

So my question is :

there is a simple way to modify the ASC loader / flasher code example (XMC4000_ASCBootloader) to be embedded in my application with the purpose to load it in PSRAM segment and subsequently, when needed, use the PSRAM boot mechanism to start the firmware update process using the existing PC example program ?

I sure know it's not a solid mechanism, but i'm really in a hurry and i have no time to start a custom loader / flasher development from the scratch.

I have to say that this matter is waaay easier with STM32 MCUs, where i come from.

PS : Of course XMC4500 code should be modified to use P3.5 & P4.0 ports for UART function plus 485 buffer direction line.
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