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Welcome! First question asked
Hi everybody,

I'm french so excuse me for my english. I will try to do my best...

I try to develop my own BLDC driver. To help me, i use an Infineon project : BLDC_SCALAR_HALL_XMC13.

All is OK. My motor run.

But sometime when there is a trouble shot on the motor (bad PID configuration for example which generate parasit on the board), VADC stop to made measurement.

When i use the function : "VADC_GetResult(XMC_VADC_GROUP_t *const group_ptr, const uint32_t res_reg) ", result stay the same. For example, if i measure potentiometer value, it always the same (value measured during the problem) while the potentiometer is to 0 position.

VADC is trigerred with CCU80 in order to acquire value. And CCU80 generate a interruption every 60kHz to made PWM.

Furthermore, sometime CCU80 doesn't generate interruption while it continue to count.

Have you an idea to why VADC stopped?

I use a XMC1302T038

Thanks for your help

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