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I have a problem when I use PMSMFOCSL01 control on XMC1300. PMSM motor start in open loop then at 200 rpm speed xmc1300 turn on foc control. When the speed signal is shown by xSPY we can see that speed jump suddenly from 100 rpm to 200 rpm.
You can see that on pictures which are given below. I take a look at program code and I can't see error. Obviously, error at program code is when motor goes from open loop to foc control. Program use flux estimator, current in measured from dc link. Can anyone find the error?2413.attach2414.attach
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Hello stefannn,

Have you checked if the "Transition Speed" from V/f to FOC is 100 rpm? Otherwise maybe the Offset or increasing voltage of V/f is too low.

Another Option is that the FOC target at handover is much higher than the end of the V/f.
You could find this by chancing the Transition Speed.

Have you tested the Motor with the load?
Motors without load are very dynamic.