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New Version of DAVE™ Development Platform Significantly Reduces Software Development Time for XMC Microcontrollers from Infineon

The Eclipse-based integrated development environment DAVE™ enables convenient, fast and application-oriented software development for embedded systems based on Infineon’s XMC microcontroller families.

At the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference, Infineon Technologies AG announced the new version of its development platform DAVE™, the “Digital Application Virtual Engineer” for its 32-bit microcontroller families.
Infineon has equipped the virtual DAVE engineer such that the development time for embedded systems on the basis of the XMC microcontrollers is further reduced thanks to efficient, component-based software development.
With the latest version of DAVE, the reusability of the software components, otherwise known as the DAVE APPs, is further enhanced for example thanks to the introduction of a device driver level, the XMC Lib.

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