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i am new to XMC4500 and what i need is a good guide or tutorial for beginners.

Do someone know where i can finde tutorials?

Thank You!
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well I would suggest to check the "Document" section at XMC4000 product website (Document section XMC4000 product family).
There you will find Board User Manual for your board so you can get familiar with all features of the board. Also, you can find the Reference Manual for the XMC4500 microcontroller for all the relevant information regarding microcontroller and included peripherals. In the "Getting Started" subsection you can find Getting started for DAVE IDE. There you can find some basic example of DAVE IDE usage.
Once you have DAVE IDE and you´re comfortable using it, then I suggest to have a look at the examples that will help with your application.

Examples you can find by using DAVE and selecting "Help" -> "Install DAVE APP/Examples/Device Library". That will open "Library Manager Wizard" and you can select to work with "DAVE Project Library Manager". Then you can select XMC4500 Series and get all the examples with DAVE APPs or with XMC Lib. XMC4500 series has a plenty of examples so I hope you´ll find something that works well for you. Additionally, you can find Application Notes that describe some application use case in much more detail. Application Notes are subsection of the "Document" section that I previously mentioned to you.

You can also find example without accessing DAVE; check XMC Lib and DAVE APPs examples (for these examples you need DAVE IDE installed)

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