Need Suggestion for hire R&D jpb

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cross mob
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Dear ALL
i new too infineon and new too ARM M0
i in LED sale, field

i would like to use infinwon chip ARM M0

if i need to hire some company
use with infineon chip

could you please suggest where i can post, where can i contact,or what direction should,?

the main is would like to use

LED in development kit,
use with 1200, with BCCU,
scope like this
-design PCB fit require
-Use BCCU, with should be it great function
Via SMX is mainly
little add, Portrig

work with VC ++ .net about interchange data,

that is enough

waiting whom has merit suggest this

Thanks for all,

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Hi, you can contact the respective Infineon regional office and I am sure they will response to you.