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I would like to use the sensor SHT1x with the XMC4800 board.
It can be connected on a I2C bus, but it uses its own version of an I2C protocol.
It has its own START condition, and then sends directly the addressee (3 bits) and the command (5 bits) after.
On the left, the START condition of the XMC4800 manual, and on the right the one of the SHT1x sensor.
To signal the data are ready to be sent, the slave puts SDA low, and then the master sends the CLK to receive the data

Do you think it is possible to implement that ?
By modifying the Start condition ?
Or it is much better to choose one sensor which are using the normal I2C protocol ?

Thank you,
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This is impossible IMHO. If you look at 17.5.4 USIC/IIC/Data Flow Handling of the reference manual, you can see the I2C protocol is strictly enforced by TDF codes (Figure 17-55).

You could use GPIO and read out the sensor via bit banging - but if you can, just get an i2c complaint ic.
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Okay, thank you !
I will use an I2C normal board.