Migrating PMSM FOC LIB from DAVE to Keil uVision

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Hello everybody,

I have been working with XMC4400 by using both DAVE and Keil uVision . When I try to migrate projects from Dave to uVision I can make them work with the help of the document ; http://www.keil.com/appnotes/files/apnt_258.pdf

When it comes to migrate the pmsm foc app to uVision (with PMSM_FOC_LIB ) , because of the linker or compiler settings , I couldn't make it work.

If I do not change and follow the steps for gpdsc to uVision migration and enable GNU extension I get L6218E: Undefined symbol linking error.

I have tried to change compiler that uVision use to GNU(2019-q4-major) by the referance http://www.keil.com/arm/gnu.asp . I have added linker script file, include library and include path but this time I got unrecognized character and bad instructions errors from startup_XMC4400.s file.

Waiting for your help..

Thank you..

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