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Dear Infineon team,
I had some Expirience with SW development for TI´s MSP430 so far, now I am writing a software for the XMC4500.
I have some problems while debugging our Applications on the XMC4500 Relax Lite Kit
In general we have two applications installed in different memory sections. One of them is used to erase the other FLASH section and rewrite it with a new programm, the rewritten is used to do some measurement jobs.
While debugging we issue some problems with memory readings. The entry point of the Main Software (Measurement Job) is saved in an extra sector of FLASH. If we try to read this flash, an CPU Exception is thrown (BUSFAULT_Exception). In Debugger/Memory Viewer we cannot see the content of the memory. All we can see is a question Mark.
It happened on two different adresses so far. 0x081000000 and 0x0C00CA00.
Dave 3.1.10 is used as IDE.
Can we see in Software why this exception is thrown, e.g read some Registers and evaluate Values?
Is it possible that our Debug Configuration is wrong?
Is it possible that the FLASH is "broken", or worn. e.g. written to often?
In the picture the debugger was paused of course.
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Can you try again the following steps:
1. Stop Debugger
2. Remove USB cable
3. Close Debug perspective
4. Re-connect board
5. Start debugger
6. Check again.

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Hi Folks,
Sorry, I had some different tasks to do in the project, now I´m back to this FLASH problem.
The problem is still there even with PC/Debugger reconnects and restarts.
Now I´ve seen the same behaviour with the Address 0x0C00C000, but only for the first 8 Byte in this FLASH page.
In this Address space(whole sector) an application mark is saved. So the Bootloader knows which Application has to be started. As I started today, it was possible to write one time the application mark, from the second time on I see again those
question marks. And a read Instruction within these question Marks causes a BusFault_Exception.
The changed registers after the Exception inside the PPB structure are below


I´m not really sure, if I read it correct, it looks to me like "Precise Data bus error" happened, and the address, which caused the Exception can be read in PPB.BFAR.
PPB.SHCSR says BUSFAULT exception is active.
What is a Precise Data bus error? and how I can handle it?