Low speed internal clock,high Speed internal clock,External Clock.

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Good Evening every one!!!

I am working with XMC4500 Controller for Clocks, in this I have seen that Low Speed Internal Clock and high seed internal clocks
what are those?
why they given these Two internal clock, Can any one Please explain these.......

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The XMC4500 offers 2 internal clock source, the Backup clock source and the Internal Slow clock source.

Backup clock
The backup clock fOFI generated internally is the default clock after start-up. It is used for bypassing the PLL for startup of the system without external clock. Furthermore it can be used as independent clock source for the watchdog module or even as system clock source during normal operation. While in prescaler mode this clock is automatically used as emergency clock if the external clock failure is detected.

Slow internal clock
The slow internal clock source provides a clock fOSI of 32.768 kHz. This clock can be used as independent clock source for WDT module and as the clock for periodic wakeup events in power saving modes and for continuos adjustments the fast internal backup clock source fOFI.