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I’m am using XMC4500-F144x1024, in DAVE 3.1.10 application and I have defined EBU001 to activate SDRAM controller. I know that I have to use AA stepping to make EBU001 available.
I must define “large” SDRAM device, 256 Mbit.
Bank size 64 Mbit
Column addressing 512 A[8:0] Row addressing 8K A[12:0] 4 BANKS
If I enter the parameters Bank size and col addr in SDRAM parameters of EBU001 module, the solver should generate the pinout AD30,AD29 for BANK selection pins BA0,BA1 and AD28..AD16 for ADDRESS pins A12 .. A0. But it only assign until signal AD29. It happens for any type of memory SDRAM.
Is it possible to generate automatic pinout with DAVE with this type of memory? I have some others modules like Ethernet, 2 SPI ports, 1 I2c and some GPIO so that I prefer a consistent pinout generated by DAVE.
In any case it is possible to cover a future migration to more ram capacity, without redesign PCB?
Thanks, Jordi
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