Infineon xmc4500 SPI Problem

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I am new and started to work with the XMC4500 Hexagon Application Kit (+ Connector Board) in October 2013.

Now i tried to use SPI/SSC and I have some troubles with it ...

In a other thread i found some information ( , which didnt help at my problem ....

A setup, like in Marillion's first post does not provide me a SPI-Signal.

Now i tried a lot of different things ...
* Pin-out: MRST: P3.14; MTSR: P3.15; ClockOut: P0.13; CipSelectA: P3.3
* Pin-out: MRST: P0.4; MTSR: P0.5; ClockOut: P0.11; CipSelectA: P0.14
* + extra possible variations of the possible pins.
* Different SPI-Modi
* Standard-SPI-Configuration (see attached picture)
* Change some options in Standard-SPI-Configuration
What does the setting SPI001/0-> Ressourcename: channel, Port-/Pin Number /usic/0/channel/0 in "Manual Ressource Assignment" do? ....

My programm looks like:
#include 			//Declarations from DAVE3 Code Generation (includes SFR declaration)

uint16_t rdata, data[] = {0x01,0x0c,0x03,0x00};
uint16_t tbrb;

int main(void) {
// status_t status; // Declaration of return variable for DAVE3 APIs (toggle comment if required)

uint8_t i;

DAVE_Init(); // Initialization of DAVE Apps

i = 0;
for(i = 0; i < 4; i++) { // tried also ... i < 1 ... (this means only one byte to send)
SPI001_WriteData(&SPI001_Handle0, &data, SPI001_STANDARD); //send one byte

while(1) {
return 0;

Why do i dont get a SPI-Signal? .... (Of coure is the Oscilloscope working and I know how to setup the trigger 😛 )

Best regards and Thank for your help!

edit: Sry for wrong category. Please move to "Microcontroller Forum"->"XMC Forum"
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I was able to solve the problem immediately afterwards. It was because of the wiring and the connectors.