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Hello Forum,

maybe someboday can help me with the following problem. The board uses XMC1402.

In order to test the watchdog funtionality, I made a while(1) statement in the mainloop firmware, after switching a LED on a port output. The watchdog is then not triggered, which then causes a timeout after 1 second. So far so good.
But the microcontroller does not cause a RESET from the beginning, as the LED goes out, and stays out. The ISP also does not work anymore. This means that I cannot program the microcontroller again, or even read the BMI-register.

I've tried several tools (DAVE + Jlink debugger and XMCFlasher + XMC-Link debugger). A connection is made at power-up, but is broken after 1 second due to the watchdog.

Has anybody any ideas how to get the ISP working again?

Thanks in advance,

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