How to set main core frequency of XMC4500 to 100MHz?

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Hello all. I am working on the XMC4500 Evaluation Board and as you can see here the XMC4500 MCU runs at 120 MHz. I would like to bring that down to 100 MHz because I am trying to implement a Timer init function and interrupt handler. A basic 1ms heartbeat timer is needed for much of the testing I need to do regarding this board. I found this reference manual for that specific MCU on this board. I've been told I could alter the clock going into the systick or alter the PLL configuration but I am new to this and I am not too sure how to approach this. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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I can answer you questions, just a few inputs:
- What is you board version?
- Which oscillator are you using as a reference for the PLL?
- What are current settings of the PLL: P, N, K2 parameters?

The PLL frequency can be fine-adjusted. It is recommended to modify only one PLL parameter if possible, therefore the info aboutcurrent settings is required.