How to programme XMC4500?

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Hi,i'm a new Infineon beginner, i just have worked with AVR and 8051, so i don't know how to download my code into XMC4500 from PC.
If i just use an USB cable, how to configure XMC4500 and to implement programming, I'm looking forward your help,TANKS!
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Hi yueyao,

If you just wanna download the Hex file to XMC4500 device, you need to use the software called 'Memtool' and a debugger called miniWiggler.

If you downloading your project directly from IDE such as DAVE3, you need SEGGER JLink debugger.

Are you using the XMC4500 hexagon kit? If yes, the kit comes with the SEGGER JLink lite debugger.
Can you please specify your setup? Your target board, your IDE..etc.. so we can see how we can assist you.