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Hi Sir/Madam,
i am working on xmc4200. i want to Change Boot mode ASC_BSL through software. As per the Reference manual i got that STCON register will do the job easy by setting the bits 11:8 to
0001 it will change the mode. as per the procedure i wrote and observed in peripheral windows of my ide it is showing ASC BSL mode. now when I am trying to Power On Reset the changes are reverted(normal mode).
i want to write the code through ASC BSL in xmc4200. for that after R&D on Internet i got "XMC4000_TOO_ASC_BSL_Bootloader-AN-v01_02-EN.pdf". on that document it mentioned to send 0x00 then
it will respond with 0x5D but i am not getting this reponse how can i achive this.

Thanks and Regards,
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