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I have being using this function.

=> SDMMC001_GetStatus();

If you want to remove and re-insert the sd card, this function does not update the value.

How to SD Card Detection is continuously?

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Are you referring to the following operations?
Insert card --> Run GetStatus --> Remove card --> Re-insert card --> Run GetStatus
If you always get "card inserted" status, it is correct.

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Sorry for writing in this topic but I have a problem with SD Card Detection too.
I tried to detect SD card presence as described here.
I've enabled SDCD in SDMCC003 App and registered a callback function using SDMMC003_RegisterCallBack for card insertion/removing interrupt as described in SDMMC003.h.
As I could see in debugger these interrupts came permanently and with no dependency of real SD Card insertion/removing. What am I doing wrong?
Maybe I didn't get right how SDCD works because I don't understand sense of SDCD external pin signal. Is it output or input? Where should it be connected? Is it a dedicated pin? As I could see in DAVE it is.
The same question is SD status LED signal - is it dedicated or I can connect it to general purpose LED on Kit?
I'm using Relax Kit with XMC4500 EES-AA. Maybe this is a reason of problem if yes what workaround could be done? I didn't see anything in XMC4500 Errata Sheets about my problem.