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Good day,

I have a question about microcontrolers xmc4500. In my program I use two different Dave's apps but not in the same time. Before use, user chooses which app will be used. My question is if there is any possibility to assign the same pins and ports to both application?
Because if select some ports and pins for first app then i cannot use them in the second app, despite of their were avilable before i selected pin in first application. For example there is bldc app and svpwm app and i want their to use the same PWM canals.
Can I achieve that in easy way without changing code in inner libraries? If no which library should I edit to change these GPIO and timers. I have tried to copy Dave's library from other project, but then GLOBAL_CC8 error apears (redifinition).

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards
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After using one function and before using the other one you should re-initalize the port. It is possible.