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I am hoping that someone can help me here. I sent in a support request to find out when the XMC1100 VQFN24 chips would be available but I was told that the part distributors would have these dates. When I went to different part distributors, they came back to me saying that these chips were not available which does not answer the question. We need to determine when these chips will be available for purchase, not if they have them. It is for planning purposes. We started a design in March using the XMC2Go development kit expecting the chips to come out in a reasonable time frame so we are really not impressed that we cannot get some dates or the chips themselves.

Numerous requests to get the information have all gone in circles with Infineon not answering and the parts distributors in the dark as well. How hard is it to provide a date?


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Hi Jason,

Production forecast is in Q2 2015.
We have engineering samples now.
You may want to provide your contact so we can connect you to our sales and provide you with samples.