Free download of µC/Probe XMC, developed by Micrium

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µC/Probe from Micrium is a power full monitoring tool to read and write to the memory of microcontrollers during run-time in a non-intrusive way.

The free-of-charge µC/Probe XMC is has the same functionality µC Probe working with XMC microcontrollers exclusively. It allows easily designing a graphical dashboard with a wide range of widgets to control or fine-tune your XMC application and it includes an 8 channel digital oscilloscope to visualize real-time date, controlled by a dedicated target code that runs on the XMC target.
µC/Probe XMC is simple to install on Windows PC and can be easily connected via the J-Link on board debugger integrated on most of the XMC kits.

Interested? Then register and download to get your µC/Probe XMC instantly.

A quick start tutorial helps to get started in a short time.
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