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Hi Sir/ Madam,

I'm working on EMUX in RTOS project on XMC 4200. I am using queue request source for channel 0 and channel 6 for both groups and these channels are configured as master slave.  Other channels in group 0(channel 3, channel 5, channel 4, channel 7 and channel 1) are configured as scan request source. Emux is connected in channel 1 of Group 1(scan req source). Also using Sequence Mode for EMUX. GPIO pins P2.14 and P2.15 are congigured as EMUX output pins (Alt1).I am using EMUX1 configuration because am just using 4*1 emux.

Queue request source is triggered using CCU80.SR3(100 us ISR) and scan request source is triggered using CCU40.SR3(100 us ISR).   . The output of EMUX pins are changing automatically (00b,01b,10b,11b) if  both service request lines ( CCU80.SR3 and CCU40.SR3) are active. As  we know If CCU80.SR3 is not active and CCU40.SR3 is active, the queue request source is get not triggered and scan request source is triggered. But in that case the EMUX output pins are not changing( just remaining as  standstill (for exmple both MUX output pins are staying as just active HIGH only and I am just getting one EMUX output corresponding to that selected line). All other channels of scan request source is working fine in that condition.

I'm using CCU8 here coz I am using SV-PWM. What would be the reason for EMUX select lines from MCU is not changing and remaining standstill.  Expecting the reply as soon as possible,


Ajin A.

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Hi Ajin,

I could not get clarity about the end application here.  In which mode are you using the EMUX in ? Sequence Mode or Steady step mode ? How exactly are you expecting the EMUX output to change?

Best Regards,