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Hi there,

I am writing a bootloader for the XMC4800 that resides in PRAM. To do that I copy the binary code of my application to the PRAM at adress 0x1FFE8000. That works fine.
Then I copy the ABM header to the end of the PRAM, and here comes my first question. In the manual it says, that the header has to be placed in the last 32 bytes of PSRAM,
but the header consists of 5 32bit words and that makes only 20 bytes. So where to place it? The end of PRAM is 0x1FFFFFFF minus 32 bytes is 0x1FFFFFE0 and
minus 20 bytes is 0x1FFFFFEC. The figure 27-5 in the manual sugests that 0x1FFFFFEC should be right.
I tried both but my PRAM code is not executed. Now I read in the manual, that the SSW writes trace and error codes to a register called SCU_TSW0 and that this register is mirrored
to the TCU (Test Control unit) but I could not figure out how to access and read that.
I run all that on a XMC4800 Relax Kit and I have both DAVE4 and Keil MDK at hand.
Anyone can help me?

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Hi Matmik,
Have you solved this problem?