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Hi -
In DAVE3 I have no problem using the uvision eclipse plugin to be able to debug my XMC4500 target through Keil MDK 5,
using a ULINK Pro. I never even have to open Keil myself when debugging, as there is a separate debug perspective available
in DAVE3 for Keil when the plugin is installed. This has been a comfortable debugging setup for a couple of years now.

When I install the same Keil Eclipse plugin into DAVE4.0.0, and then try to add a Debug Configuration targeting Keil and the ULINK Pro, only Jlink
configurations appear for debugging, and the Keil debug configurations are missing. How do I get them back for use inside DAVE4?
Am I forced to use the Keil IDE to debug if I am now using DAVE4 with the ULINK Pro?

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Hi Kurt,

Keil eclipse plug-in does not support DAVE v4 any more. Hence, it is not possible to use ULINK with DAVE v4.
DAVE v4 uses gpdsc file to import the DAVE v4 generated codes into Keil IDE. Within Keil µVision5 you can use ULINK debugger.
You can refer to the tutorial for importing the DAVE v4 code into Keil.

Best regards,