Debugger is not working with CAN protocol simultaneously.

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Dear Team,

We have made a CAN circuit with CAN IC part number (SN65HVD230QDRG4Q1) & Controller we are using MCU Part number: XMC4108Q48K64BAXUMA1, But we are trying to fetch the data through PEAK System P-CAN Trace Data logger. 

Note: We have Qty: 05 Nos. Identical PCB boards out of 05 board only one board is working fine but other boards are unable to debug, We are keeping same (Same Firmware, already Checked other boards components including resistors & capacitors that are found OK, XMC debugger Model number : infineon XMC Link Isolated debug probe by SEGGER J-Link).

Already we have checked with replacing of debugger probe. 

Now We are facing issues like if debugger is working then CAN logs are not coming & happening vice-versa.  

We have created a new Sample project with CAN, We are  trying to debug the project but it is automatically running after each debugging & sometimes it is throwing Disassembly error massage. 

I have attached Block diagram what we trying to do, CAN logs what we are receiving & Debug error for your reference.

So, Team you are requested to suggest for any solutions for the same.

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Hi @Ranjitha ,

I have gone through your thread subject. An Infineon Representative will contact you to create an internal ticket. Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards,