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my dave Jlink debug doesn't work any more... i am really frustrated because of that...

here are my log file

J-Link GDB Server failed:
Could not connect to target. Please check if target is powered and if
ribbon cable is plugged properly.
For more details, see the JLinkGDBServerCL console.

JLinkARM.dll V5.02h (DLL compiled Oct 29 2015 19:04:05)

-----GDB Server start settings-----
GDBInit file: none
GDB Server Listening port: 2331
SWO raw output listening port: 2332
Terminal I/O port: 2333
Accept remote connection: localhost only
Generate logfile: off
Verify download: on
Init regs on start: off
Silent mode: off
Single run mode: on
Target connection timeout: 0 ms
------J-Link related settings------
J-Link Host interface: USB
J-Link script: none
J-Link settings file: none
------Target related settings------
Target device: XMC1100-T038x0064
Target interface: JTAG
Target interface speed: 1000kHz
Target endian: little

Connecting to J-Link...
J-Link is connected.
Firmware: J-Link Lite-XMC4200 Rev.1 compiled Jan 14 2016 11:19:27
Hardware: V1.00
S/N: 591007166
Checking target voltage...
Target voltage: 3.30 V
Listening on TCP/IP port 2331
Connecting to target...ERROR: Could not connect to target.
Target connection failed. GDBServer will be closed...Restoring target
state and closing J-Link connection...
Shutting down...

i hope you can help me i am new in dave and segger j-link

many thanks for your help!!!

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HI Dominik,

In the log that you have provided, it is showing that JTAG is used as the connection.
Can you please update your debugger connection to SWD.

In DAVE IDE, it can be updated as shown in the attached picture from the debugger settings.

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Level 1

After reading similar threads and trying several fixes, I remain with this server error.
José Barbosa2718.attach