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Hi all,

hopefully someone can help me with a DAVE related problem:

I have to use source and header files which are not directly located in the project directory itself but somewhere else. This is because the code is shared with some other microcontrollers which implement exactly the same algorithm. At the end of the development we want to use an automatic build process.
As revision control we use SVN.

Now the question: In DAVE Eclipse IDE I have the possibility to use a so-called Linked Folder where I can specify the directory in my filesystem. The problem is that this is an absolute path: C:home/sebastian/.......
If someone of my colleagues checks out the repository then of course the above path is not correct any more. I need DAVE to use relative paths in order to meet my target.

Thank you for helping!
Kind regards
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OK, I made some success. First I thought the Variable PROJECT_LOC would be the solution. But I didn't expect that eclipse does not get on with ../..
I did the following:

Link to folder in the file system:

But the movement to the directory up with .. seems not to work.

Kind Regards

Sorry for creating this post in the wrong forum. I placed it here but actually it belongs to the DAVE forum. Sorry for that.
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Has nobody any idea how to achive this?
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You may try to set environment variable (different on each PC) and then use it in project paths. See attached pictures on how to achieve this. I hope it solves your problem.

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... Dave from the grave ...

It is possible, using DAVE 4.4.2:

- Select the main project which links to the external folder.
- Project
- Settings
- C/C++ General
- Paths and Symbols
- Source Location
- Link Folder
- input a name in Folder name under which the link is supposed to appear in
- open Advanced
- check Link to folder in file system
- Browse
- select folder
- edit the folder to be relative to project folder (e.g. "../common")

That's it. The .project file contain a new item when closing workspace or saving the project.