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I'm working with the xmc4800 automation board and in my object dictionary i've created several output objects (as record type) with 16 boolean entries and others output objects with 8 boolean entries. I know that i have to introduce padding for the 8bit objects, but when i do it i receive an output mapping error when i connect the board to Ethercat.
Is there a correct way to pad/align objects?

Thank you for any help
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1. Are you sure to have uploaded the new xml-file to the PLC and updated the database?
To be sure after moving the new xml-file to the plc, execute a restart of the PLC.
2. Please make also sure, to erase the emulated EEPROM inside XMC.
For this purpose erase the complete flash before you download the new software.
Then during the next startup the new EEPROM content from your binary will be updated into the emulated EEPROM.
Without erasing the old EEPROM content will stay inside the emulated EEPROM and not be updated from the binary.

If all this doesn't help please consult ETG on SSC in regard to your specific implementation.