DAVE4 XMC4104 ADC setting BUG

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HI friend,
I found some bugs in DAVE when you choose ADC function in XMC4104 chip.
As the chip detail :
Package= LQFP64
ROM= 64 KB Flash
InOut= 35 digital I/O
ADC= 9 ADC Channels, 12-bit

1.When you choose ADC_MEASUREMENT [4.1.12] app and try to add 9 channel ADC pin.
the APP channel limit is 1~8.which mean use all of ADC channel is not possible.

2.Some motor application will need ADC synchronize with in ADC0 and ADC1.
Base on the datasheet XMC4101 can support "G0CH0 +G1CH0","G0CH3+G1CH3","G0CH6+G1CH6"
But in fact app will allow you set two of them not three in sync. Conversion option.

Could official friend update it in next app version.

By the way ,have anyone try to trace the code that DAVE app initial?
I can not find any sentence that set ADC register in the c code

Sam Tsang
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Hi Sam,

XMC4100 has got 2 groups of independent VADC with up to 8 channels for each group. Hence there is a total of 16 channels. For motor control you can do synchronization like what you had mentioned "G0CH0 +G1CH0","G0CH3+G1CH3","G0CH6+G1CH6".

There might be some issue with the DAVE4 apps, therefore can you reuse this software from this example from XMC4500?