DAVE 4.4.2 VADC with DMA sample project on the XMC4500 Relax lite

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Hallo Everyone!

Attached a sample project where I have the VADC and DMA running together using the DAVE 4.4.2 CE apps

I am using 2X VADC groups, each with 3 inputs, sampling in continuous mode

With 2X DMA channels running (one for each VADC group), transferring the result registers to RAM

DMA transfers are triggered on the VADC result ready event.

I hope this is of help to someone out there.

Instructions to build are all at the start of main.c please follow it to regenerate source files as I had to delete all the generated files to save space

Ive had to split the zip file into 2 files to stay below the 10MB limit, unzip them into the same directory

Kind regards

Gert van Biljon
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