Can any1 actually put i2c_MASTER app to work?

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I am having big trouble getting my XMC4700 to do any reading from my MPU6050. And although I2C_MASTER app comes with allll these examples...i simply can't get it to work. I come from AVR microcontrollers (there its called TWI instead of I2C), and there you get a resgiter for everything and step by step i can get it to work, basically datasheet tells you what registers to use and all.
In xmc4700 i simply can't get it. I'm not even sure whee to connect the int pin from the mpu6050, since the circuit description supposevely only used SDA and SCL. And more, some use I2C_INIT...others just go for the transmit and receive..and i have tried everything -.- .
So without more wining, can anyone give me a woking example please. I now my slave adress, the wake up register address, the to-read register adress in the mpu6050, in AVR thats pretty much all i need ^^

Cheers, Luís Pereira.
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