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I have a project to make flicker simulation. I use Arduino shield RGB XMC1202.
I try to make a square wave with changing CURRENT parameter at Red channel but there is time to take 0-100% Current.
I read infineon manual board on page 31 there is information that

Fade Time 0 -> 100%
It takes 20479 dimming clocks for the lamp to dim up from 0 to 100% brightness. The dimming clock frequency is 292.237kHz.
Hence, 20479 dimming clock last approximately 0.07001s.
Fade Time = FADERATE * 0.07001s
A FADERATE value of 0xA leads to a fade time of approximately 700ms

Is this information and what I make is related? Can I make fast changing current from 0-100% instantly?
2435.attach 3029.attach

I already try this way from the previous thread but nothing change.
I hope someone can help me with this.

Best regards
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