CCU4 capture register contains no data with XMC1300 internal temperature over 85 °C

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We have an LED lighting application using DALI, based on XMC1300. The lamp must operate continuously at over 85°C.

We discovered in testing that the DALI interface fails to receive data when the MCU internal temperature exceeds approximately 85 °C.

We traced this failure back to the CCU4 module. The CCU4 generates an interrupt on edge detection, but the
capture register does not contain valid data.

That is, the interrupt is generated, but the capture register value is zero.

As soon as the temperature is reduced, the capture register once more contains valid results.

Part number is XMC1302-T038X0200 AB. This part is rated for use up to 105 °C.

Can anyone provide us with guidance on how to proceed?
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