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I have just discovered the Application guide and the sample code for the CAN Bootloader in XMC4000 family. But the Application guide is mostly refered to 4400 microcontroller, and I am having problems running the 4500 version.

I have loaded and run the XMC4500_MasterCAN into an Hexagon kit. My first problem is how to get messages in a Terminal program running in a PC. The Application guide uses a Debug USB connector of the 4400 hexagon kit, but this connector does not exist in the 4500 hexagon kit.

More surprisingly, analyzing and debugging the code it seems that these "Terminal" messages are actually sent to the CAN port pins (P1.4 and P1.5). In fact, I have a CAN debugger connected to those pins, and it goes to an error state as soon as a "\n" is "printf-ed". Of course, no CAN message is detected.

Any help about running this sample code in an XMC4500 hexagon kit will be appeciated very much.

Thanks in advance!
José Luis.
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