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In effort to help you save time, I thought I would share with you some tips to running the CAN BSL app note example posted on the web.

1) There are 3 applications that get loaded onto the Master hex board. I recommend using Memtool (available on our web site) to do this..at least for the first 2 applications (MasterCAN and AppSW). Under "Target", set the configuration to "Infineon XMC4500 starter kit XMC4500 (BSL/ASC)". This configuration will communicate via VCOM firmware built in to the on board J-Link.
2) You then need to set the target to accept the BSL mode. Turn the Master side BSL switches to "ON" and "UART".
3) I recommend to fully erase the device. You can do this once you connect Memtool. Then program the App SW and MasterCAN program. Once this is done, you can use JMEM.exe (found in Program Files/Segger/JMEM.exe) to see that the programs exist in flash. MasterCAN is at 0x08000000 and AppSW is at 0x08020000. Remove the device from ASC_BSL, turn "ON" to "OFF" on the target.
4) I had some issues getting a good CAN waveform strictly from USB power. Apply 24V to the COM boards via the supply adapter.
5) You need to change the SJ1 jumper on the Slave COM card from "RS485" (remove) and jumpering "CAN". In addition, on the XMC4500 setup, the default CAN HW is set up for Node 2, which does not apply the BSL. I added an IO extender in between COM and the main hex board, and jumpered pin 28 -> 29 (N2 Tx -> N1 Tx) as well as 30 -> 27 (N2 Rx -> N1 Rx) on the extender.
6) The Slave board needs to be in CAN BSL. Make sure the BSL switch is configured as "ON" and "CAN".
7) Before downloading the CANLoader, I opened up the COM port using a terminal tool.
😎 Download the CANLoader application using DAVE3, not memtool. DAVE3 will look as though it failed because you are loading to PSRAM and not Flash. That’s ok for this setup. After resetting just the slave board, you should see the command sequence execute then.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Bob for the sharing.;)

To prevent this post from getting lost or pushed away I shall relocate it to the technical center after a week time.