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I would like to develop a Brushed DC motor controller with fully closed loop capabilities (quadrature encoder for position & speed control). The motors rated power will not exceed 50W.
What is my best option regarding development board? which controller will best suit me? Is there any reference design?
I would like to have the latest controller in terms of speed and capabilities for this project.

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Do you need to control only one motor? Or a few of them in the same project?
Do you need other features like communications or the entire project is focused on a single motor control application?
The latest controller is XMC4800/XMC4700 for which you have the Relax Kit development kit, this is the most expensive example but it's also a very capable controller.
Another option can be XMC4500 which again is a very powerful controller also on a Relax Kit (it comes also in a Lite version if you don't need webserver capabilities).
You can find a range of option on the following link:


Take a look and select the best option for your application.

Have fun,
Petru S
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Thank you for your answer.
I am working on two projects right now -
1) I need dual motor controller with position control using 100khz encoder pulses. communications and peripherals are not so important. I only need standard Uart.
The important thing is to have a library with control software (tuning PID variables for example, traces)
2) single motor control with ethercat, and more peripherals.

I looked at the relax kits but couldn't find any example made with motors. (like TI's C2000)

any suggestions?