Bricked XMC 1400 devices after changing BMI to mode 0 (ASC boot loader)

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I'm having some trouble getting the switching of boot mode to work correctly. I used the JLink commander tool (version 6.30j) to change the boot mode on an XMC1400 BootKit from mode 2 to mode 0. I should then have been able to use either JLink commander or Memtool to switch the mode back to mode 2, but once this change has been made the device no longer responds.

I then connected a scope to the UART0C1 Tx and Rx lines, and I see Memtool sending data to the device, but the device does not respond. I also bricked another device using the BMI setting feature of DAVE. Is there some systemic bug in the SEGGER drivers or someplace else that corrupts the BMI value when it's written?

All of this worked okay about 4-5 months ago when I put this project away, but now that I've come back to it it's all broken.

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Im experiencing the same problem but from calling the internal change BMI routine. Setting the BMI to 0xFFC0 has bricked 2 chips. Did you ever find a cause or solution for this?