BMI: Reset User Productive Mode (UPM) XMC1202

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I've implemented a sequence which is able to protect the code in the first time the controller is running. This works without any problems. The controller is fused from Debug-Pins and BSL-Pins.

If there will be a firmwareupdate in the future, there is a Input-Pin P2.2 for reseting the BMI to the default-value. This would erase the Flash and restart the controller in factory-settings (BSL), like described in "Tooling Guide for XMC1000 Family".
The erasing of the code seems to work (output of Ports are steady instead of pulsing), but I'm not able to connect the Chip via BSL anymore. 😞

Is there a problem with my samples or did I do something wrong?

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Hi Dominik,

I did something similar to you but I change the BMI when my UART received certain value.
After I changed the BMI (the device in productive mode), the device does not output anything anymore.
So I guess it does the erase of flash.
Then when I try to connect with DAVE3 via JLINK, and use the GetBMI function and it will show me the device in ASC Bootloader mode.
Then I just change to the debug interface I need using the SetBMI function.
So most probably is you have did something wrong there.
By the way, how did you trigger that input pin to reset the BMI?