BCCU as another source of PWM

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Hi All,

Setup: XMC1300 bootkit, DAVE 4

Question : I would like to use the BCCU peripheral as additional PWM generators (9 should be possible). From what I have read from the documentation this should be possible, since it is meant to drive LEDs in such a way. Could one of the infineon experts maybe tell me how to do this, or better yet, just give a short code snippet I could try out.

My goal: For the project I am working on I would like to use the CCU4 and CCU8 peripherals to generate 8xPWMs, but I need 8 more, thus I am thinking of the BCCU unit. The PWMs from the BCCU unit does not have to give amazing performance or even quick updates, I just want to set some period and duty cycle in the beginning and occasionally update it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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